William “Bill” C. Morris is both nationally and internationally proclaimed and has recently received the title of “Master Artist” by the Arts Society of the American West. His accomplishments include three Waterfowl Stamp designs including winning the 1984–85 Federal Waterfowl Stamp often called the largest art competition in the world.

His artwork is in galleries throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and in prominent private collections including the White House, National Art Gallery, The Smithsonian Institute, Museum of the Rockies, Museum of the West, the Warner Westerfelt Museum, and the Mobile Museum of Art.  He personally presented his portrait of Mother Teresa to Pope Benedict and it is now a part of the Vatican collection in Rome.

Mr. Morris is available for workshops, lectures, professional juring and judging, and online critique. He also offers a marketing training program for artists who want to market and sell their work.


· Alabama Watercolor Society
· American Watercolor Society
· Georgia Watercolor Society
· National Watercolor Society
· Portrait Society of America
· Texas Watercolor Society


· Alabama National Watercolor Competition (2)
· Alabama Waterfowl Stamp Competition (2)
· American Red Cross – Portrait Competition
· Art With A Southern Drawl Competition
· Ducks Unlimited Artist of Year
· Federal Waterfowl Stamp Competition
· International Animals in Art Awards
· Texas National Watercolor Competition (2)
· Tri–State (FL.,GA, AL) Watercolor Competition
· Watercolor And Graphic Arts Society (6)
· World Watercolor Competition (Finalist)

Exhibits and museums

· Booth Western Art Museum (Booth Art Guild)
· International Animals in Art
· Mobile Museum of Art
· Museum of the Rockies
· Smithsonian American Art Museum
· United States Capitol Rotunda
· The Warner Westerfelt Museum
· The White House