What students say:

I really enjoyed the class!
I learned a lot about perspectives shading and various forms and their relative positions to each other. Also learned not to expect perfection but rather improvement comes through practice, practice, practice. You usually pushed us out of our comfort zone’s too! Loved it. ~ Karen J

Probably the most information at any workshop I have ever attended. ~ Corky G.

Great workshop. The drawing workshop really improved my ability to “see “values and shapes in perspective. Deborah H.
I absolutely love to the workshop. Your instruction was excellent, organized and logical. I especially appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. It becomes contagious and makes for a very positive class atmosphere.

It was so nice to meet such lovely and talented people. I’m still amazed at the level of talent in your classes. I’ve never had a drawing class so I appreciate your discretion on tools and equipment. It’s also new to me.

I will definitely sign up for another workshop with you. ~ Dary R.

I would not in any shape or form consider myself even an average drawer, so taking Bill’s workshop was a little scary for me. My fears were quickly relieved as his unique style of teaching gave me the confidence to move forward and gain a desire to practice and improve.

The class was on everyone’s level and each person received individual attention. This was a very good workshop I would highly recommend to anyone. ~ Barbara R.


A most enjoyable class. Much was covered in a short time. Bill is a very good, hands – on teacher. I learned a great deal from him. I would certainly recommend his workshop. Doris F.
Workshop was incredible. You covered it so many different examples of drying – mechanics of sketching – he wants his of shading – focusing your eyes on distant angles. And how to be loose with sketching. ~ Anonymous
Great workshop! Very helpful in helping us to Develop a drawing skills, which are probably the most important skills for an artist. ~ Jack D.

I found the workshop to be informative and a great benefit to my crop progress as an artist. I now feel I’m have more tools to reach my goals. Mr. Morris was great and inspiring and building I “can-do attitude “. Would recommend highly and would take another workshop by Mr. Bill again. ~ Mary H.